Access the Hypnagogic subconscious Altered State of Consciousness of the ancients and The Beats (with your eyes closed )Dreamachine_Jonathan_Greet

This is the classic portal to hypnagogic reveries, the drugless high, a relaxing and visual flickering light entrainment designed in the 1960’s by artist Brion Gysin and mathematician Ian Sommerville. I can supply a whole kit as shown below with the stunning ‘Nanoleaf’ multi LED low energy sculptural light bulb ( never see wiggly light filament shapes after gazing )  With a  bulb holder and 5 metre red or black 2 core classic candle-twist draping cable flex, that hangs as gravity intended, keeping a vintage look, and suspended from a cup hook in the ceiling to allow the light to dangle inside the cylinder at the right height for seated persons. If you just want the laser-cut acrylic cylinder I can supply that for £55 in UK, email artist@lucianahaill.co.uk for other shipping  locations / options.

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I can accept Paypal  – its £135 for whole kit ( you provide record player ) and postage is added for your country, can use MyHermes in UK to keep price down to £14


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