Free software update for all existing customers for all models of IBVA Brainmachines.
Contact to arrange your session in Zoom

Prices £25 for upto 30 minutes and £45 for upto one hour


Brainmachine uses unique software made by IBVA and it is native to Apple Mac OSX with custom plugins for interactive realtime authoring control in Max/MSP MIDI, Logic and Quartz Composer

3 D waterfall : (right) shows our typical display with brain peaks denoting electrical strength of the brainwave (microvolts) and the x-axis showing the speed measured in Hertz of the EEG: the main frequency bandwidths are shown. Other visual displays: Raw wave, 2D bar graph (with ‘mirroring’ and full display with ‘brain switches’

Brain peaks and Brain rhythms : two MIDI play modes with left & right brainwaves and their coherence. A simple setup to play MIDI from left & right brain wave peaks.

• Send MIDI to external devices as well as play internal MIDI sounds (with Apple’s Garage Band, easy connection to MAX and other applications such as Logic)

• 8 different ‘brain switch’ setups for each left brainwave channel, right brain wave channel and coherence channel giving a maximum of 128 different setups for each individual brain peak MIDI and Brain rhythm MIDI mode

• QuickTime movie control

• Continuously play MIDI with 0.001 second update even when graphic image updating is slow

• Interactive real-time ‘brain switch’ setup with 2 D graph, editing in the ‘BrainNote’  switches show up as 3 D bars graphing in the 3D water fall BS window

• 3D water fall graph with different color, texture mapping and custom dynamic texture effect.

• 2D bar graph for detailed frequency analysis, maximum 8192 point FFT calculation for 0.015 Hz frequency resolution when 120 Hz sampling.

• 120 Hz to 1920 Hz sampling frequency adjusted for 0 to 900Hz frequency analysis

• Auto brain data back-up function. Retreive from archive and play brain data using Apple Time Machine without manually saving (10.5.x.and higher)

• Auto selection and screen image save function

• Live video with sound and brain data can be recorded and saved together in a  QuickTime movie file with the EEG data in a  BrainNote file, automatically with time sync

EEG Neurofeedback (right) a training module in the traditional style, you set your custom frequency and amplitude thresholds and receive audio feedback along with the ‘high-jump’ animation for 1 or 2 channels.  At the end a  percentage is provided on a new screen after the set amount of time has elapsed (can run in the background of IBVA software controls) for success scoring, can export data to API for statistical historical conversion.

Brain peak and brain switch ‘VJ’ notifications for interactive animation and sound.

An experimental sample ‘brain-sky-fly‘ (right) VR world application with XCODE source code is also provided to study and develop custom interactive EEG controlled projects

  • Quartz Composer visual authoring environment plugin for OSX 10.5.x  (for Tiger OSX10.4 users the final version is V4.4.2 )
  • Audio Unit plugins for 8 channels for each of the left, right and coherence brainswitches, adjustable parameters for frequency, voltage and a sample GarageBand file
  • MAX IBVA external for Brain DJ/VJXCODE
  • V3 Source code and Sample patch files included
  • External USB Serial Port control function

3D Waterfall graph now has Stereoscopic display window ! You can connect to a 3D TV via HDMI to see experience this latest stereoscopic display.

Below: Screen grabs from Brainmachine system running analysis software IBVA
(left) The Raw wave window – 2 channels Spectral analysis from 0-60Hertz, and underneath the classic “Mindmirror’ 2 channel reflected display for training such as Maxwell Cade and Anna Wise’s models (right) The 3D waterfall animation of 2 channels with Mindmirror horizontal bar above.

Users of OSX 10.5.x and higher also access

  • iPhone server window use for communicate with an iPhone as brain switch controller (development ongoing). Sends Brain rhythm and Sound power to iPhone.
  • Sound monitor window
  • Max 32768 Point FFT shows 0 .. 22050 Hz in 1.346 Hz resolution when 44100 Hz sampling
  • Graph / Quartz Composer Graph – Table Graph Window
  • Brain DJVJ / Quartz Composer Graph – Table Graph Window : sound reacting animation

General connectivity with other IAC through Max/Msp, Midi, Quartz Composer and applications including Logic, Ableton live

Our hardware also connects on a pc using BrainBay: an open source application supplied with every brainmachine to run on Windows, Linux and Vista 7. Brainbay is a versatile, free biofeedback software, developed within the confines of OpenEEG project. It enables graphic configuration of physiological data processing and presentation of feedback signals with graphs, animations, MIDI synthesizer, video and audio files.

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