There are experts that realise already the potential of capturing Prefrontal EEG in realtime, and emergent ones where curiousity, price and portability encourage the use, here are some :

  • Sports-mind’ in peak performance
  • Interactive Art and digital music composition
  • Stress management or relaxation
  • Mindfullness & meditation
  • Hypnosis & NLP training
  • Hynagogia and theta-flow for creative outcomes
  • Lucid dreaming & trance work
  • Personal growth and performance
  • To stay in the present
  • Improve objective concentration
  • To stay out of complex thought

For instance, Brainmachine’s display can be amazing when training in hypnosis – seeing when you really slipped into a deeply relaxed, open minded state. Adding the Brainmachine data is further proof, bringing science into your Art.

In sports training, learning by modeling brainwaves on those of a master, the intention is to be as close to their state of mind during their specialist activity, assists the practicing student. Also fascinating for artists aiming to boost their creativity, as they can experiment with interactive, generative musical systems.

We are interested in the information from brain’s Prefrontal lobes, its just above each eyebrow. This brain region has been implicated in planning complex cognitive behavior, personality expression, decision making and moderating social behavior (more)

List of websites by our clients & companies using our brainmachines