PandoraStar for hire

Give guests a magical experience, a cerebral treat they will never forget : seeing with eyes closed the most preternatural colours, patterns, dimensions and choreographed light entrainment sine waves.  We can bring PandoraStar to private parties in the South East for a very unique aperitif or opening to a workshop. Each guest* may have a 20 minute light entrainment programme of their choice, ranging from the intensely psychedelic (advanced ) to the gentle, calming or even meditative options. Lots more information available on the Facebook page: Lucid Strobe Light
All sessions are conducted with your eyes closed, will not send you to sleep and music is provided to guide each visual programme. Two persons if wishing to share a session can do this, head to head lying down on the floor. Optional EEG recordings can be made for a special souvenir of the experience (additional cost for this setup please email
[scabn name=”Hire PandoraStar” price=”75.00″  no_cart = “true” b_title=”Add To Cart”]
This price is for upto 3 hours and gives enough time for 10 persons to have an experience. We will need to add travel costs to any booking more than 20 miles from St Leonards on sea, East Sussex, TN38 – please email your details to Luciana : By making the payment you agree to our booking terms and fair cancellation policy ( within 28 days for full refund and within 14 days for 50% refund) and we will secure the date and time for you.

See videos and lots more on our page here –

* Guests must read the medical indications on a confidential consent form and sign before they can partake. The main contra-indication to light entrainment is Photo sensitive epilepsy and anti-anxiety medications. Persons who are pregnant or taking certain anti depressants (with a connection to light sensitivity) are also not suitable.

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