New for 2019 – we will be supplying a new model of EEG made specially to work with IBVA software and new software too. Prices should hopefully come down a little, we will let you know once the system is ready.

I B V A : Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyser

IMG_6565 img_6537-e1533387153278.jpg
The IBVA / Brain Duino / Brainmachines are all highly sensitive monitors that can passively and non-invasively record biometric data from the brain for self study. With the software IBVA5 the visualisation graphs can be used for maintaining or encouraging a general state of health or a healthy activity – such as self-hypnosis, calm and improved relaxation with sounds.

IMG_6564The original model was designed over 30 years ago in Japan, the same developer writes the software and we updated the hardware, made in small quantities in Europe. They ship in a protective aluminium carry case with a choice of  2 or 4 channels of signal ( all the frequencies from 0-200hz)  and either the 3 electrode sensor or the 5 electrode version. communicating via a class 2 intrinsic bluetooth.

All BrainMachines use cable sensors that can connect to different disposable electrodes, capable of measurement through hair (with the addition of TENS gel & adhesive electrodes). Begin with pre-frontal monitoring , or  adhere the other electrodes anywhere on the regions of 10:20 to compare to this uniform model of EEG monitoring. A 4 channel system is commonly used for 2 persons monitored simultaneously, on one host computer in an energy, sound or psychological activity where their potential coherence can be observed.

img_65381.jpg   img_65341.jpg   IMG_6555
IMG_0016Detailed hardware specifications
• bluetooth EEG interface: 2m – 10m transmission range
• high quality state of the art amplifier board
• dynamic electrical range  : 0.2 mV to 200 mV
• programmable sampling rate: 120 Hz to 1920 Hz
• programmable high cut filter 12 Hz to 900 Hz
Both 2 channel and 4 channel IBVA Brainmachines, fit inside once case – weight from 1.35 kgs – 2.4kgs




The EEG sensor commonly used is the 3 electrode grey/blue strip, easy to apply in one piece across the forehead with a small earclip for reference. For an additional £95 the 5 electrode cable can be ordered to allow 2 channels not so close together to be monitored with the mastoid used as reference with an electrode placed there.

The new design sensor cable allows ‘free placement’ of the electrodes, commonly we monitor the Frontals (above each eye) for decision making or the Occipitals above the  brainstem on the back of the neck for the visual processing region of the brain. Pre-gelled electrodes are best for bare skin on the forehead, and the washable electrode discs with  TENS gel and a medical skin preparation cream are needed for sites where hair is present to adhere and get a good signal, these are supplied in a kit for an additional £50.

Brainmachine IBVA 2 channel

The whole kit fits inside a 22cm x 17cm case, so its incredibly portable and easy to take on adventures. The main ‘BlackBox’ is the brain machine, this hardware component is the digital sampling unit and amplifier, a two or four channel device powered by internal battery. This can be worn in a holder like a camera pouch or tucked in a shirt pocket when moving around, as the neuro-data is sent wirelessly to the host computer for analysis. The  pre-gelled medical electrodes are attached to the forehead , detecting brainwaves and their signals sent into the brainmachine via a small cable. Three electrodes per session or per person are required to ensure good conductivity and swabs of alcohol cleanse are wiped over the skin first to prepare it, de-grease and improve recording quality.

Every  system contains :

•Full IBVA5 software
•bluetooth brainwave amplifier (main unit) – (optional distance achieved with bluetooth dongle amplification)
•sensors cables for 2 or 4 channels, a ‘snap-on’ electrode terminates each one
•soft headband to hold electrodes firmly to the head
•medical disposable electrodes x 50
•internal charging battery
A setup lesson by Skype – email sales


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