Established in 2005 by Luciana Haill in the UK, the company designs and supplies a portable way to see  brainwaves. We actively look at creative applications, research projects, ethical implications and we welcome volunteers to demonstrate changes in their brainwaves, in their environment. Luciana is also artist in residence in The University of Greenwich in the department of Psychology exploring  human consciousness through art, neuroscience, Imaging and ethics.

BrainMachine’s kit is a portable solution for explorers: multimedia artists, hypnosis trainers, meditation teachers, and for those producing presentations that must convey more information than usual.

Director Luciana Haill has lectured across the world merging experience in cognitive Science and Art to mass audiences including The Royal Institution & The Dana centre in London, MTV in Italy, Dr Stephen LaBerge’s ‘Lucid Dreaming and Awareness workshop’ in Hawaii, The Sage in Gateshead, BBC Radio 4, Channel 5 series ‘Sex, lies and Hypnosis’ I And as a guest speaker in Neuro / EEG Symposia recently – iMal in Brussels and CENART in Mexico City. Her research with brainwaves has attracted diverse international media coverage (read more)

Brainmachines dont work on their own, they send data to a Mac running our unique IBVA5 software are used by clients researching cognitive changes in Altered States: Lucid Dreaming, Hypnosis and NLP, Parapsychology, and in inspiring performances for interactive art and digital musical projects.

Luciana haill
Director of Brainmachine IBVA Miss Luciana Haill

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