IBVA BrainMachines

I B V A : Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyser
IBVA ‘Brainmachines’ are hand-built in the UK, assembled into 3D printed vinyl wrapped cases with transparent windows viewing the microelectronics. They are highly sensitive wellness devices supplied for personal use only, to be used in creative, artistic and interactive music production, to measure the waves during relaxation, meditation, sleep etc. It incorporates a group of 3 sensors that attach to the forehead, and monitor passively the brainwave signal,  communicating via a class 2 Bluetooth signal to your Mac, it can even fit inside your pocket. The original model was designed over 30 years ago in Japan, the same team still develop the software and we have redesigned the hardware, made in small quantities in Europe. We ship in a protective aluminium carrying case with either the 3 electrode strip sensor, or the 5 electrode cable version, with 50 small pre-gelled, sealed electrodes.


All BrainMachines now use new sensors that can connect to different electrodes, capable of measurement through hair (with the addition of TENS gel and washable & adhesive electrodes). You can begin with Pre-frontal monitoring Frontals Fp1 and Fp2, using pre-gelled disposable electrodes, or you simply adhere the other electrodes anywhere, allowing more dynamic 10:20 EEG monitoring, via hair or no hair regions,  in any 10-20 locations eg: O1 and O2 Occipitals at the back of the head.

Email us your delivery details to receive the quote, international shipping will be applied 

2 channel IBVA BrainMachine

IBVAScreenSnapz003One personal wellness system in a case. This has an amplifier unit with a 2 channel sensor with the latest full IBVA5  Mac software.*

You will receive:
1 brain machine with internal Lithium ion rechargeable battery
1 usb charging cable
1 black translucent plastic holder bag with long strap to attach to yourself to prevent damage.
A  3-sensor strip, sensor cable with earclip and a soft headband for holding firmly in place.
And  1 package of 50 electrodes

An alternate 5 electrode sensor is available by special request taking 2-3 weeks to ship.

The price is £950 – email sales@brainmachine.co.uk for an invoice now
Payment can be processed online by iZettle, Paypal or by bank transfer.


4 channel IBVA BrainMachine ( not available currently)

If you require a new EEG system for monitoring 4 channels of one brain, and you can also to use it to record 2 channels of 2 persons sat together, then you need the  ‘4 channel’ IBVA Brainmachine.  The 2 headbands, in one case with 2 hardware units are connected (when needed) by an additional interface cable and the 2 users are recorded and analysed in realtime simultaneously (on the same computer)  – email help@brainmachine.co.uk for quotes and other requirements. This is used in psychological experiments, sound healing, NLP training, art and sound projects.

The price is £2200 – email sales@brainmachine.co.uk for an invoice now
Payment can be processed online by iZettle, Paypal or by bank transfer.


The standard EEG sensor commonly used is the  IBVA 3 electrode grey/blue strip, easy to apply in one piece across the forehead with a small earclip for reference. For an additional £95 the 5 electrode on 1 metre cable pictured here can be ordered, additional capabilities are it allows 2 channels that are not so close together to be monitored, the black electrode placed on the mastoid, is used as reference.

New design sensor cable allows ‘free placement’ of the electrodes, commonly we monitor the Frontals (above each eye) for decision making or the Occipitals above the  brainstem on the back of the neck for the visual processing region of the brain. Pre-gelled electrodes are best for bare skin on the forehead, and the washable electrode discs with  TENS gel and a medical skin preparation cream are needed for sites where hair is present to adhere and get a good signal, these are supplied in a kit for an additional £80.

* A download of the full IBVA5 software is available at an extra cost upon request for MacBook Air users. IBVA5 also contains the Sound programmers audio unit plugins for interactive sound and movie controls as well as neurofeedback protocols.

The price for the sensor is £100 – email sales@brainmachine.co.uk for an invoice now
Payment can be processed online by iZettle, Paypal or by bank transfer.

A one hour sharing software screens Skype lesson for setup is also included

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