IBVA Brainmachine Japanese model for sale

I have a serviced 2 channel EEG available, it is powered by regular 9volt ‘pp3’ batteries and has a new sensor band with electrodes

Price is £750 plus shipping worldwide (insured), email help@brainmachine.co.uk if you like an invoice thanks

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New Brainmachine EEG hardware available

We have made a few changes since 2014 and now all Brainmachine EEG hardware is made in Poole, UK. We ship with an internal recharging Lithium Ion battery using certified couriers and fully insured. You can choose a 2 channel system ( with choice of EEG sensor – 3 piece strip or 5 coloured cable ) or 4 channel system, with IBVA full software suite. And 50 electrodes are in each case for good signal monitoring, move available upon request. A setup lesson by Skype is also included with one year warranty.

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New IBVA Brainmachine 2 and 4 channel EEG products

I B V A : Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyser
The IBVA / Brain Duino / Brainmachines are all super highly sensitive EEG monitors communicating via  bluetooth that fit inside your pocket. Original model designed over 30 years ago in Japan, the same team still develop the software and redesign the hardware, made in small quantities in the USA and Europe. They ship in a protective aluminium carry case with either the 3 electrode strip sensor, or the 5 electrode cable version, with 50 small pre-gelled, sealed electrodes. Email us your delivery details to receive the quote, international shipping will be applied

All BrainMachines now use new sensors that can connect to different electrodes, capable of measurement through hair (with the addition of TENS gel and washable & adhesive electrodes). You can begin with Pre-frontal monitoring which is the same as original IBVA systems using pre-gelled disposable electrodes, or you simply adhere the other electrodes anywhere, allowing more dynamic 10:20 EEG monitoring, via hair or no hair regions.










2 channel IBVA BrainMachine
A 2 channel sensor with 3 electrodes (ear clip reference) or 5 electrodes (mastoid reference) for any 10-20 locations eg: O1 and O2 Occipitals or Frontals Fp1 and Fp2. This 2 channel  EEG  system supplied with latest full IBVA5  Mac software.* Also included – 1 packet of 50 medical electrodes, some medical ‘steret’ wipes, micro usb cable for re-charge of the new internal charging battery, IBVA5 software DVD, aluminium carry case.

[scabn name=”2 ch IBVA+ Brainmachine” price=”850.00″ options_name=”shipping” options=”UK:”15″, EU & Europe:”30″, USA & World”45″” qty_field = “true” b_title=”Add To Cart”]







4 channel IBVA BrainMachine
If you require a new EEG system for monitoring 4 channels of one brain, and also to use it to record 2 channels each of 2 persons,  I can supply a “4 channel” IBVA Brainmachine. So whilst connected simultaneously and analysed in realtime (on the same computer) – an additional interface cable cost is required.  – email help@brainmachine.co.uk for quotes and other requirements.

[scabn name=”4 ch IBVA+ Brainmachine” price=”1650.00″ options_name=”shipping” options=”UK:”25″, EU & Europe:”40″, USA & World”45″” qty_field = “true” b_title=”Add To Cart”]





The EEG sensor commonly used is the 3 electrode grey/blue strip, easy to apply in one piece across the forehead with a small earclip for reference. For an additional £65 the 5 electrode cable can be ordered to allow 2 channels not so close together to be monitored with the mastoid used as reference with an electrode placed there.


New design sensor cable allows ‘free placement’ of the electrodes, commonly we monitor the Frontals (above each eye) for decision making or the Occipitals above the  brainstem on the back of the neck for the visual processing region of the brain. Pre-gelled electrodes are best for bare skin on the forehead, and the washable electrode discs with  TENS gel and a medical skin preparation cream are needed for sites where hair is present to adhere and get a good signal, these are supplied in a kit for an additional £50.

* A download of the full IBVA5 software is available at an extra cost upon request for MacBook Air users. IBVA5 also contains the Sound programmers audio unit plugins for interactive sound and movie controls as well as neurofeedback protocols.

A one hour sharing software screens Skype lesson for setup is also included

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