Order a new BrainMachine with IBVA5 software

You will receive:
1 aluminium carrying case
1 brain machine unit with mini usb charging cable
1 black translucent plastic holder bag with long strap to wear the unit
1 cable, earclip and 3-sensor strip with soft headband for holding in place
And  1 package of 50 electrodes
(The 5 electrode sensor is available by special request taking 2-3 weeks to ship.)

Please select ‘Brainmachines’ or  ‘extras’  from the Order menu above, once selected your items will appear in the Cart (top right)



This 2 channel  EEG  system supplied with latest full IBVA5 Mac software.* Also included – 1 packet of 50 medical electrodes, some medical ‘steret’ wipes, mini usb cable for re-charge of the new internal charging battery, IBVA5 software DVD, aluminium carry case and transparent holder/wearing case.

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If you have special delivery locations or other requests please contact help@brainmachine.co.uk for a speedy reply !

Every brainmachine order includes one hour set-up lesson by Skype. Further lessons by Skype or on-site consultancy and development can also be purchased – email help@brainmachine.co.uk today and book yours too.

Every brainmachine has 1 year warranty for hardware and cables and sensors.