Latest limited edition Bluetooth brain biofeedback units

We can make to order the same high-quality EEG units that connect to IBVA5 software giving you brainwave analysis useful in Hypnotherapyexploration, meditation training, research in energy and realtime MIDI with audio unit plugins to control soundscapes generating brainwave music.
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Luciana will be in Mexico City August 6th

Conciencia aumentada con neurofeedback. Arte interactivo generativo con electroencefalografía (EEG)

Luciana is giving a lecture with EEG interaction via brainmachines for CENART, at 6pm, August 6th, 2012:
5to. Encuentro Internacional Arte y Nuevas Ciencias 2012

The 5th international meeting of Art and new sciences and 2 workshops 10am -1pm on August 6th and August 7th