Lessons by Zoom

I have new software October 2020 release for all IBVA & Brainmachines

This is a free upgrade for existing customers and I recommend you book a lesson to make the most of your EEG system using Zoom

please email Luciana at Brainmachine (lucianahaill@icloud.com) to arrange your session

£25 for 30 minutes, £45 for one hour

Latest limited edition Bluetooth brain biofeedback units

We can make to order the same high-quality EEG units that connect to IBVA5 software giving you brainwave analysis useful in Hypnotherapyexploration, meditation training, research in energy and realtime MIDI with audio unit plugins to control soundscapes generating brainwave music.
Email sales@brainmachine.co.uk for enquiries about making a new order