links to EEG research

Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D.:

  1. The Clinical Guide to Light and Sound
  2. Photic Stimulation Enhancement of Peak Alpha Frequency and High/Low Alpha Ratio


Emil Jovanov, Ph.D.:

  1. On the Methodology of EEG Analysis During Altered States of Consciousness
  2. More Publications by Emil Jovanov


Edward W. Large, Ph.D.:

  1.  Gamma-Band Activity Reflects the Metric Structure of Rhythmic Tone Sequences
  2. More Publications by Edward Large


Scott Makeig, Ph.D.:

  1.  Attending or Discriminating 40 Hz Modulated Tones Induces Phase-Locked Subharmonic Resonances in EEG


Work by Melinda Maxfield, Ph.D.:

  1.  Abstract: Effects of Rhythmic Drumming on EEG and Subjective Experience





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